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Psychotherapy in english

Psychotherapy - a conversation that cures

When you are ill, in pain, or when you notice alarming symptoms in your body, it is a normal reaction to go to a specialist. But what if your bad mood or discomfort is not related to a physical ailment but only to your psyche or emotions? In this case, the procedure should also be similar, and the person who can help you is a psychologist or psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy is a form of therapeutic conversation with a specialist that helps you get to the root of your problems, understand, accept, and work through them. Therefore, psychotherapy is a meeting with another person and your appointment with yourself. Thanks to it, you will regain peace and psychological comfort, getting rid of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed or helplessness.

When do you need a psychologist or psychotherapist?

Almost all of us experience mental difficulties at a particular stage of life. Some deal with them daily – even for many years or a lifetime. For others, mental discomfort appears due to past trauma, sudden or chronic stress, or being overwhelmed by work or responsibilities. There may be many reasons. In such a situation, however, it is always worth asking for help from a specialist: a psychologist or a qualified psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy can be helpful when you:

  • cannot cope with the trauma of an upsetting experience;
  • experience chronic psychological discomfort, decreased motivation, feelings of anxiety, etc.;
  • cannot cope with your emotions, or you do not know what your emotional reactions are due to;
  • feel that mental discomfort is impairing your quality of life (e.g., you are constantly worrying),
  • would like to improve your relations or communication with other people;
  • have an emotional need to talk to someone about your problems.

Remember that a psychologist does not judge your conditions or life choices – but helps you overcome them in a professional, kind and empathetic way. There is nothing shameful about facing them – psychotherapy, like any other treatment, may be necessary for each of us at certain stages of our lives.


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For whom is psychotherapy? Krakow and Sensusmed help people who:

  • experience mental crises, neurotic disorders, anxiety, depression;
  • suffer from personality disorders, eating disorders, insomnia, experience sexual problems;
  • are experiencing difficulties in relationships with other people, have problems with establishing or maintaining close relationships or these relationships do not bring satisfaction, as well as those who are experiencing relationship crises or difficult breakups, engage in so-called toxic relationships;
  • are facing a life crisis, e.g., death of a loved one, job loss, chronic somatic illness, struggling
    with loss;
  • have low self-esteem, are shy, who would like to improve their functioning in relations with
  • living in a family with alcohol and/or violence problems (co-addicts, in a relationship with an
    addict, Adult Children of Alcoholics, whose past experiences limit their ability to have a
    satisfying life).

The advantages of psychotherapy – peace of mind and improved quality of life

Psychotherapy is always carried out discreetly ‒ with full respect for your intimacy. The psychologist does not ask you questions out of curiosity but to help you solve your problems and improve your mental state. That is why you should not be afraid of a therapeutic conversation such as psychotherapy. Krakow and the SensusMed Psychotherapy Centre is a friendly place where, step by step, you will learn how to function better mentally and replace emotional discomfort with a feeling of confidence and peace. Psychotherapy offers multifaceted benefits. It can help you:

  • get rid of tormenting symptoms such as anxiety, difficulty in controlling emotions, depression;
  • achieve greater emotional stability, better coping with stress and challenging experiences,
  • build more satisfying relationships with other people;
  • become aware of and work through your non-adaptive functioning mechanisms, which prevent you from living adequately and fulfilling yourself, e.g., in your relationships with others or professionally;
  • build a sense of value based on real resources;
  • to a better understanding of your behaviour, emotions and needs – which allows you to make
    more conscious decisions in life;
  • in personality development and improvement of the quality of life;
  • get help to overcome traumatic memories and everything that "holds you down" and
    prevents you from moving forward.

Psychotherapy – Cracow and Sensusmed Psychotherapy Centre. Please get to know us!

Do you feel that you need a trusted psychologist? Krakow and Sensusmed is the place where you will find professional help of a chosen type of psychotherapy. How do we work?

Psychotherapy is a series of meetings with a qualified therapist, which – depending on your needs – can be short-term (a few months) or long-term. Before starting the proper psychotherapy, 2-3 preliminary meetings, called consultations, are necessary. At these meetings, we diagnose your problem and draw up an individual psychotherapy plan. What should you know?

  • Each meeting with a psychologist/psychotherapist lasts 50 minutes.
  • Psychotherapy sessions are held at individually selected intervals – usually 1-2 meetings per week.
  • Psychotherapy can take the form of stationary as well as online sessions. 
  • At the centre, we offer psychotherapy conducted in one of the primary and internationally recognised trends: psychodynamic psychotherapy.

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